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I am now able to offer marksmanship training sessions on a "one-on-one" basis to enhance your handgun marksmanship skills.

Training consists of hourly sessions using target marksmanship skills (20 yard single hand handgun hold to be followed by 20 yard two hand hold) on both semi-automatic & revolver action firearms. I will provide all firearms and ammunition (and even coffee or "group tightener" as we call it). YOU MAY NOT BRING YOUR OWN FIREARM OR AMMUNITION unless agreed to in advance.

This is not COMBAT style training. This is to enhance your marksmanship skills and will carry forward to any shooting situation you may encounter. We will focus on correct single/two hand hold, breath control, aiming techniques, hand and wrist position, trigger control, follow-up shots, in addition to slow fire, timed and rapid fire exercises using a combination of rimfire and centrefire firearms in calibres of .22 to .45ACP.

Training is held at the Toronto Revolver Club located in the east end of Toronto during the hours of 8am-3:30pm 5 days a week and must be pre-booked with me to schedule availability.

CONTACT ME for further information and pricing details.

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