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Terms and Conditions of Reservations


Please READ carefully and click ACCEPT below to book your seat in the CFSC/CRFSC class

• Please advise me in advance of Covid-19 symptoms.

• Please advise in advance of any physical disabilities that will require special teaching considerations

• Students must provide 1 piece of valid photo ID issued by a government agency. I.e, drivers license, passport, Ontario Photo Card, gov't employee ID card, etc. ( YOU MUST HAVE A PHOTO ID). You do not have to be a Canadian citizen to take this course!

• Minors (12 to 18 years of age) are allowed to attend the Non-Restricted course ONLY but their parent or guardian MUST sign a waiver on or prior to the course date. Also, minors MUST provide photo ID. School ID, Passport, etc.

• For safety reasons, NO student is permitted to bring any firearm or ammunition to the classroom. Disabled firearms and dummy (inert) ammunition are provided by the instructor.


• Students MUST arrive on time to BEGIN at 8:00AM sharp for the Non-Restricted and 08:00am for the Restricted classes. If you're late you cannot attend if I have already started the class.


• BRING YOUR LUNCH AND SOMETHING TO DRINK! If we skip a lunch break then we finish the day a little earlier. There is takeaway fast food a short walk near the classroom. Bring coffee if you need it. The Non-Restricted class is a long day. Be prepared to finish the day between 7 and 8 PM depending on class size. Bring a pen and paper to make notes with, and I encourage you to buy the RCMP Canadian Firearms Safety Student Course book at $21. The book IS NOT included with the combo or Non-Restricted course fee. You can order a book here:

• During course delivery, students found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or are continually disruptive or abusive to anyone in the class, will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

• You must first pass both the written and practical Non-Restricted course (CFSC) to be allowed to continue to the Restricted course (CRFSC).

Be ready to have a great, fun course! There's nothing better than handling firearms!

Cancellation Policy


Cancellations may be accepted up to 2 weeks before a scheduled course. There is a $75 non-refundable deposit.

Cancellations within the 2-week window will be accepted but you will be charged a $100 fee. Cancellations are not accepted within 48 hours of a session.


Reschedules will be freely accepted up to 1 week before a session but you will be charged a $50 service fee.

Reschedules within 7 days of a session will be charged a $100 fee


NOTE: If you do not show up for a class, the full fee is forfeited.

You do NOT get a refund or re-scheduled to another class.

By clicking below you agree to ACCEPT all the above terms and conditions


Course Locations

TORONTO COURSES are held at Kung Fu Hall, 1774 Danforth Avenue east of Coxwell.

Look for my sign on the window and door.

Parking is available at the Green P parking lot east of Shoppers Drug Mart at $15/day.

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