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I have been shooting for over 40 years after receiving my Possession and Acquisition Licence at the age of 15.

I advocate for legal law abiding firearms owners across this great country and was invited as a witness to the Senate of Canada on February 25 2019 to speak against the proposed Bill C-71.








I'm dedicated to preserving the sport of shooting in the city of Toronto.

I am involved in the following firearms activities:

  • I am an RCMP Approved Firearms Verifier: ONGC-4922

  • Ontario Firearm Safety Instructor/Examiner CFO Authorization ON1240

  • Range Safety Officer /  Toronto Revolver Club (Established 1905)

  • Member of Gagnon Shooting Centre and Sharon Gun Club

  • Active in competitive handgun bullseye shooting matches

  • Range Safety Officer


On February 25 2019 I was invited to the Canadian Senate to speak against the proposed bill, C-71. This bill was designed to make Canadians "safer", but I argued it will accomplish nothing but offer hindrances to the most lawful Canadians in society, the legal gun owners.

Click HERE to watch

In July 2019 I sat with Dr. Lee Mellor, crime PhD to discuss: guns, Canadian firearm laws, myth v reality, & incompetent Senators.

Have a listen:



In light of a recent "smartgun" lawsuit in Toronto, I spent time at my range with a guest Mark Towhey Editor-in-Chief, Sun News and we chatted about the vapourware called a "smart gun" and why the tech is flawed.


In December 2020, I discussed the requirements for obtaining a Canadian Firearms Licence with the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights in: Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 4 - Common Sense Gun Laws?

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